About This Course

​Over a decade of coaching has taught me one thing: Real, complete, satisfying success is best built on the spirit. It's not a list of things to do. It's a list of things we must become. When we fail, it is almost always a failure of the spirit, NOT a failure to do the work of whatever book, class or webinar we are taking. 

"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron was designed to help recovering creatives - people who had lost their creative mojo - find their way back. I have discovered that if you want success that is sustained by your spirit first and foremost, "The Artist's Way" also makes a great guide to getting whatever you want out of life. This fourteen lesson course is a guide to girding your spirit for success - real, complete, soulful success, so when you do the day-to-day work, you are ready for it. For the ups and downs, the journey, and most of all for the destination. 

I have taken to using "The Artist's Way" as the backbone of my coaching process. Now you can take advantage of this approach to reach your own success - whatever that might be!

What if there was a different path to success?

What if the secret to success was not about this action or that action? What if it had more to do with working within who we are, flaws, fears and all? What if there was a better way?

A decade and more of coaching has taught me that if we do not prepare our spirits FIRST, success is at best, fleeting, and at worst, will make us miserable.

BUT, if we do prepare our spirit first, there is no limit to what we can become. This course is designed to prepare our spirit for success.

Get the Tools You Need

There are three tools. Learn them and use them and you will not just become ready for success, but stay ready, even as life and goals change.

Move Past Your Fears

Our fears sabotage us. But they don't have to. Safety. Self Protection. Learn how to use them without being crippled by them.

Success without being drained

We have been taught that success is all about working harder, harder, harder. What if it was about being more true to you, your gifts and your spirit? Guess what? It is.

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The Artist's Way

A Spiritual Guide to Success

Your Teacher

Ever get overwhelmed by all the "success" literature, classes, and webinars? What if I told you that at their base, all of them say the same things? All of them have the same lessons, only with new buzzwords.

That's what my courses do. I distill seventy years of success lessons from the greatest minds in the business, and teach you what they have in common, and help clients personal success come to be.

You see, success, in anything, is simpler than you think. And here, we will show you why, and how. I figured this out in 30 years leading 3 companies from startups to national powerhouses, combined with that same amount of time leading non-profits and ministries. I figured it out reading practically every self-help, get rich, build success book written in the past 50 years.

I have had it pounded into my brain by attending seminars and webinars for ages. Add to that my work as a coach and business consultant since 2011 reinforcing everything I had learned, and what I discovered is this: Success, in ANYTHING, is simpler than you think. Let’s get started.